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Fit and Function: How Your Scrubs Should Be


Workwear is more than just clothing. What we wear allows us to perform the tasks we need to do, signifies the brand or team we are working for, and protects us from hazards and other risks.

If we are talking about medical workwear such as scrubs, addressing one attribute is not enough. The healthcare environment is a demanding workspace and every aspect must be designed for efficiency and support – including workwear.

Scrubs and other clothing should address fitness and functionality.

Fit for work is no longer enough – the wear should be fit for performance. Does the attire fit both wearer and job? Too much clothing restricts movement but too little reduces protection while increasing the risk of exposure. Goldilock’s rule of just the right fit makes the ideal scenario.

“Fit for function” should be about the right function. Which tasks are the most relevant? Is the scrub design functional even in stressful situations? Is the design based on versatility for teams that do cross-functional tasks or is the appearance a visual sign for specialty or focused tasks?

Let us make workwear in Atlanta, Georgia work for you!

Whenever you need workwear and apparel, choose the clothing delivered by DN-Luxe Workwear.

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