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What’s the Perfect Material for Work Scrubs?


When it comes to choosing your workwear in Atlanta, Georgia you need to make sure of the fit, durability, and comfort. Of course, with long hours of medical work upon you, you need to make sure that your scrubs can withstand your constant movement. All seasoned healthcare professionals know this but never choose cheap scrubs over quality material any day.

So, what material should you pick when it comes to buying a new pair of scrubs for work?

Most fabric suppliers who help create healthcare workwear and apparel say that the two best materials for scrubs and medical wear are: a polyester and cotton mix and 100% cotton.

  • Polyester and cotton mix is a washable functional medical fabric that keeps you safe and healthy during your work hours at the hospital or clinic. Medical apparel is frequently soiled by germs, alcohol, disinfectants, human stains, bloodstains, and medicinal stains, among other things, due to the nature of the sector. As a result, medical wear fabrics must be both durable and washable.
  • Polyester and cotton mix fabrics for healthcare workwear and apparel in Georgia are durable, absorbent, and comfortable, but they won’t be as breathable as 100% cotton scrubs. Cotton is light, soft, flattering, long-lasting, and doesn’t attract static electricity. The fabric is thin yet durable, and it drapes nicely for a pleasing fit, which is vital for individuals who prefer tighter scrubs.

So, when browsing DN-Luxe Workwear’s selection of stylish workwear, you can guarantee the utmost comfort, fit, durability, and style. We only use high-quality fabrics that are uniquely soft and durable enough to stand the test of time. Our workwear was created to put a smile on the faces of professionals by incorporating fashionable designs made from the heart.

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