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Style Tips: How Are Workwear Scrubs Supposed to Fit?


For medical practitioners, their medical scrubs can have a big impact on their everyday work. It is critical to wear the right fit, as loose uniforms may get in the way, and tight uniforms may rip while you’re on the job. Aside from these, if your scrubs are too big, you may have to keep on adjusting your pants or sleeves, and if your scrubs are too small, you may feel uncomfortable the entire day.

Below are some tips that can help you determine how your workwear scrub is supposed to fit you:

  • If your scrub pants fall off your waist when you have to bend down, then you might want to reconsider that pair of scrub pants. Scrub pants that constantly drag on the ground are a safety and health hazard.
  • Your scrub top should always stay in place when reaching for certain things above your head. This will help keep things professional at all times.
  • See to it that your scrubs can allow you a full range of motion, so you’ll be able to complete your medical work efficiently, confidently, and comfortably.

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