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How to Start an E-Commerce Scrub Business from Scratch

ow to Start an E-Commerce Scrub Business from Scratch

Today, most if not all, medical workwear offers functionality and comfort without style. We aim to revolutionize the standard working professional’s attire with DN-Luxe Workwear to empower healthcare workers. However, it wasn’t easy to build our brand from the ground up.

To achieve success as a business specializing in workwear in Atlanta, Georgia, there are several factors you need to consider. Likewise, here are tips on how to start an e-commerce scrub business from scratch:

  • Find a Reliable Vendor
    Finding a vendor is important when starting a workwear and apparel business. When assessing different options, review their history, portfolio, and reviews. Find at least 4 vendors before gradually narrowing it down. Choose a vendor who has the capacity and resources to help you achieve your goals. This will save you a lot of time and resources from having to switch vendors as you progress.
  • Communicate Effectively
    Many businesses outsource production to countries like China to help lower costs. However, it can be difficult to communicate due to the language barrier and time difference. Communicate effectively by adjusting your schedule and showing images/sketches of your desired outcome. A visual representation goes a long way and helps reduce miscommunication.
  • Set Realistic Expectations
    Despite how well you may present your ideas, the first samples may not accurately represent your vision especially if you choose an inadequate vendor. Switching vendors can be costly, so be sure your vendor can match your expectations or closely alter your vision to make it better, and nothing less for your scrub brand.
  • Market Your Product
    Marketing healthcare workwear and apparel in Georgia is a costly yet necessary ordeal. So be sure to set aside time and resources for the marketing and branding collaterals, including the photoshoot and video shoot.
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